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Creed Aventus Men's review
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My Impression

Hey you, Today I wanted to talk about this modern masterpiece of one of greatest men’s fragrance of all time. This perfume has been recognized and complemented within my circle. I have been using this cologne for over year as a very special gift from my significant otehr as I like to spray different fragrance each morning as morning ritual when I am about to get up from my bed. This one has been most complemented from strangers who are passing by me  and I personally keep looking for it. Sometimes even consecutive mornings.

100ml in Toronto is well over $500 but I am enjoying it and It does absolutely worth it’s value when considering I begin my day with one of most pleasant scent that I can think of. Think of it as a perfect morning sex in a scented form.

This perfect fragrance therapy that are is highly priced,  but compares to my neighbor’s private counseling session every weekend, I feel like I am getting definite value and winning it.

Creed is known for it’s high quality natural ingredients. Every time I hold the bottle, even before moving my thumb and spray what would worth $5 worth of droplets, I know that it would instantly change my mood in a most positive way possible.


Aventus Creed has a very uniquely charming scent. It’s one that still can be worn by a lot of guys regardless of the industry they are working for. It has this top notes of apple and Bergamot followed by middle note of birch Patchouli Moroccan Jasmine and last,a green and vanilla all combined that are sweet and Smoky scent. How did creed managed to bring in all those different type of elements and created this great unique instant therapy? Who wouldn’t like to begin their morning with a imaginary refreshment of Creed pineapple juice?  

It smells expensive. Aventus’s scent makes me feel like I am affluent, rich and have all the shit together in my life. It bring this immediate luxurious refreshment that I imagine how those medicine that claim to clear your head would feels like.


What I have is 50ml bottle which is absolutely beautiful. But Have you seen 500ml bottle? Omg, It is sooo beautiful, it stands like a crystal trophy. Something to check out. I encourage you get a chance to take a look and smell of it if you haven’t yet

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"Pineapple, Bergamot followed by birch, Patchouli, Moroccan Jasmine with vanilla finish."

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