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Hey you! Lets review perfume brand, Penhaligon's.

Bluebells is like a magical classic spring scent as if you are walking though a field of bluebell flowers. It is incredibly fragrant, beautiful ad delicate. I was bit worried at first but I was note disappointed at all. It is very realistic, almost one-note floral scent. (In my opinion it is absolutle tru to the bluebell fower with a hint of hyachinth, spicy that are rather cold and earthy green.

This year I was able to try bluebell for the first time ever and I has to take time to absorb every single delicate part of this fragrance. It felt so great. A instant smile on your face like of scent. The sillage and the longevity of this perfume are impressive. I love the ideaa of being made by Penhaligon's and I get to wear this as high quality way that this company brought to the life. It is elegant and vlean but not lacking or light in substance. It last all day (which I love) I see this could possibly be worn all year. Personally think fall would be the best suited would the time of the real flower, winter and early spring. I know it is not for everyone as it is bit spify from opening to finish but I so want to love this from the bottom of my heart and you will know what I mean when you try one for yourself.


I can instantly feel like it is extremly green and watery. I enjoy green fragrances and hyachinth so I was willing to take any risk and I am glad I did. It's scent is like fresh cut flower. Are you into this kind of scent, then you will love it. I see this as more of summer month scent. It opens with this chemically aroma for about 30 seconds but I can say the same for many other fragrances. Soon after the other note( that some find it bit objectionable) shows up that are fresh and fretile soily. This last bit longer for half hours. In my opinion, I don't agree with this perfume being objectionable. It smells like a gardening department of local home improvement store(for the lack of better words!) and addition to that I  smell naturalistic , little aquatic hyacinth scent. This stage is my favorite and I am in love with this perfume because of this as it get waffs of fresh and spicy floral scent follows you for next few hours. when it fried down, I can scense the clove on my skin and I enjoy that part too. If you are into green floral, I highly recommend at least try before you make any judgement.


Penhaligon's is a British brand started in 1872 by William Penhaligon where the brand's name came from. Penhaligon's first fragrance was called Hammam Bouquet. The company was granted a second Royal Warrant in 1988, by the Princess of Wales.Penhaligon's today offers a line of bath and body care products and luxury shaving and grooming accessories to complement its fragrances. With so many perfumes at Penhaligon's, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. In this review, we've reviewed one of the most popular Penhaligon's perfumes. We hope they are helpful! If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know by liking/following us on social media or visiting our tiktok today.

Bluebell also comes with talcum powder

Bluebell by Penhaligon's box and packaging
Bluebell by Penhaligon's box and packaging
Bluebell by Penhaligon's box and packaging

Bluebell | Penhaligon's
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