Daymon by Mendittorosa | Sweet Cinnamon in Water Form




Hey you!  #Mendittorosa  Is Italian perfume house founded by Stefania Squeglia! This house offers two main perfume collections that are Odori d'Anima Collection, which means a scents of the soul as well as Talismans Collection and I am showcasing three out of many of their crazy beautiful bottles that are worth collecting!  The scent of Daymon is is Kind of smells like cinnamon and sugar in the form of water. It has top note of Angelica, Tunisian Neroli, Indian and Jasmine. The middle note comes in fast with Iris and sweet Tonka Bean. It finishes up with Sandal, Musk, Benzoin and Ambroxan but on my skin musk lasted very long and I really enjoy every moment of it.

This brand has so much more aesthetically interesting perfume bottles so make sure to check them and you won't be disappointed✨

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Daymon | Mendittorosa
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