Fragrance Decants Explained - What & Why

Fragrances can be expensive. And there are so many different things on the market that it is impossible to buy each full bottle. Fortunately, you can buy a decanter and try  more scents at a cheaper price.

What is a scent decanter?

Fragrance Decanter is a small fragrance FIBC with  fragrance. Decanter sellers buy a large bottle and divide it into several smaller bottles. After that, they are  sold at a lower price than  retail.  
These fragrance decanters are perfectly legal and  you can buy smaller bottles at a lower price. Here's everything you need to know about scent decanters!

What is a scent decant? Why do you need to consider them?

A scented carafe is a small bottle full of scent. These vials are then sold at a fair price. This price is usually below  market standards. But how can sellers  sell these fragrances below their regular price?  

The reason for this is that sellers buy fragrances in the gray market. Gray market products are priced lower than normal market prices. Maybe the seller is shopping in another country where the scent is much cheaper. If you use these methods to buy a fragrance at a cheaper price,  the seller can also sell it a little cheaper. Currently, they are below normal market prices, but they are still making very good profits.

Another thing these sellers do is buy the largest bottles available. You may have noticed that the price difference between  50ml and  100ml is not so big even if it doubles. The larger the bottle, the lower the cost per ml. The larger it is, the lower the cost per ml. A 250 ml bottle is much cheaper than a 50 ml bottle when comparing the amount of ml obtained.

So the decanter probably bought the biggest bottle in the gray market. You now have a bottle of a particular fragrance that costs very low  per ml. This person can  divide a large bottle into several smaller bottles. The typical size of a decanter is 5ml, but  2ml, 3ml and even 10ml can be seen quite regularly.

 Of course, the risk of buying a fake decanter is always small, but  people who sell scented decanters just want to make a little extra money or  are fed up with a particular scent and sell it. Often decide  to raise some money for their new purchase. The risk of  fake scents is very low.

The main benefits of scent decanters

 Fragrance decanters are usually a bit cheaper, as sellers bought fragrances fairly cheaply. These decanters basically offer the opportunity to try multiple scents without paying the retail price for two large bottles. Currently, there are so many different fragrances on the market that it is almost impossible to try them all. Fortunately, you may not like all the scents there. It limits it  a bit, but there are still so many that you would have to spend a fortune to try them all.  

And many of these fragrances are really expensive. Fragrances from  Tom Ford and Creed's homes can easily cost over $ 300. You can also decant instead. These are  much cheaper. Yes, you  get a smaller version, and you don't get the original bottle, but it's worth it.

It also provides a small amount of  certain fragrances. If you have a large bottle of a particular scent, it can get a little boring after a while. You are interested in something new. With a decanter, it has only  a slight scent. By the time you finish it, the bottle is already exhausted. If you are still interested in it, just buy another decanter bottle!

You buy a scent for that scent. And that's exactly what you get with a decanter. A much smaller and cheaper version of the fragrance.

The perfect place to buy these scented decanters

Decanters are sold in many places. They can be found on eBay, Facebook groups, and companies like MicroPerfumes.

You can find a variety of decanters by searching for decanters on eBay or  Facebook groups. With one of these platforms, it's quite possible that you'll find what you're looking for. However, there is always the risk of  getting a fake. Anyone can sell their stuff on these platforms. This means that anyone can sell their scent. And few people always  want to sell fake just to make  money.

When purchasing on eBay or Facebook,  check  the seller and always pay with PayPal. PayPal offers excellent customer protection services, so  you can almost certainly get your money back in the event of a scam.

Another way to buy a scented decanter is to buy it from a website dedicated to selling decanters. A great website for this is the Fragrance Decant Boutique and MicroPerfumes.  There are a  variety of  fragrances, from Creed to Chanel. If you are looking for a scented decanter, you may have it.  These websites are much more reliable. Fake websites will be revealed soon. Or you can do a simple search to find out if you are selling the real thing.

Ideal for purchasing any aroma as a decant

All aromas need to be purchased as a decant. Rather than buying a $ 5 decant, it may be better to buy a 100 ml bottle for something like $ 20.

But sometimes the decant may actually be a better idea. For example, expensive aromas can be better  as  decant. You must pay a large amount, but you just  get the same smell using a little. Some big aromas for purchasing as a decane are the scent from the House, Tomford or Amague. Many of their aromas are very expensive. However, you can purchase the decant much less from the same perfume.

Fragrance like Creed Aventus, Creed Green Ireland Tweed, Tomford Tuskana Leather, Tomford Amber Absolute Cheering XXV. These  have  high prices in retail. Another smell that is most suitable for buying a  niche house scent decant. These niche houses usually praise their smell more than the designer house.

Can you make your own blanket?

It is actually very easy to make decant. You only need some things.

The scent you decant. There is an empty bottle, preferably glass, but plastic is okay. that's all.

Open an empty bottle that you get filled. Then you can spray directly to the empty bottle.  10 Spray is about 1 ml. You can  count  the spray until you reach the desired amount.

What do you do with your own decadency?

Well, you can decide what you need to use because you have your own decant. Of course, the  logical ones are selling you! You probably have at least one scent that you do not wear anymore. Put in the eBay or  Facebook group. Who is interested and see if you sell  your own decision. You can  share your scent with your friends. Give them a 5 ml decant to them so that you can try it and decang one of them. There is a relationship with the decant. However, most people use them to build  their  collection. I like this person I like to sell some of your own to earn some money to buy a scent decant.

Final Thoughts

The scent decanter is amazing. They allow you to try several different scents at a great price. You can also make and sell your own  to make money.

Overall, of course, depending on the scent, buying a fragrance decanter may be a better choice than a full bottle.

Fragrance Decants Explained - What & Why


"Fortunately, you can buy a decanter and try more scents at a cheaper price. "

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