"Tropical scent of Pina Colada mixed with gooey play dough"

November 8, 2022

Gravitymud Firming Treatment facemask by Glamglow




Hey you! Today's scent review is about @glamglowcanada's Gravitymud firming treatment face mask. Yes, this face mask with sparkling glitter face mask everyone knows and saw on his and her's selfies. Everyone talks about how pretty this masks are and it's coconuty scent , so Im here to talk about it. Try Imagine, I always liked Glamglow's face mask with verity of tropical fruity coconut scent. This face mask applied very smooth with the brush that was included and it peeled off quite clean when it was completely dried. It was one of most satisfying feeling ever when the face mask peels off and it was too pretty to throw it away to trash with all the glitter shinning. Overall it was very satisfying experience and I felt like I was being 'loved' and 'cared' by myself with the combinations of pleasant scent, aesthetic visual, and that few minutes of special memories I had with selfie with my face sparkling.

I hope you enjoyed my scent review and please let me know if you agree on the smell and if you haven't tried yet, would you be interested in try on based on my scent review? I would really enjoy knowing your thoughs on your view on their product.



"Tropical scent of Pina Colada mixed with gooey play dough"

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