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Hey you! Today's perfume review is for Orphéon Eau de Parfum by Diptyque. It is a unisex perfume that I discribe as the ultra fresh out of shower scent with the slight warmth of the tonka bean.

If you are hoping to be remembered as a person with this fresh and crisp with a , this is perfect for you. I personally spray this scent in the morning when I wake up the I feel like I want to start my day with fresh mind as a scent meditation. It is a instant momentary meditation that I enjoy to start my day with clean fresh scent.


Diptyque visualize this scent with "Paris in the early 60s. The Saint-Germain quarter was alive with the rhythm of all-night sessions in jazz clubs and artistic encounters. People would discuss the world, dance and laugh in a warm atmosphere as vibrant as it was elegant ... Orphéon was one of the bars, filled with joyful effervescence, where the three founders of the nearby diptyque boutique liked to meet. Today, paying tribute to this era and to creative friendships, the bar is immortalised in the olfactory portrait that bears its name: Orphéon. Freeze frame: curls of tobacco smoke mingle with powdery trails of blusher, lingering on burnished wood. At the heart of the composition is the atmosphere of that unforgettable place, recognisable through the warmth of the tonka bean, the depth of cedar and the vivacity of juniper berries."


Diptyque Is French perfume brand famous for its perfumes and candles! Diptyque was established in 1961 by three artists: Yves Coueslant (a set designer), Desmond Knox-Leet (a painter) and Christiane Gautrot (a textile designer). Three friends love to travel, the most of Diptyque scents were inspired by their trips.

This brand has amazing branding and their label graphics are very aesthetic. You should take a look at each one of perfume and the design of it's labels.


I hope you enjoyed this review. Please let me know through our social media if you’ve tried this perfumes or want to try them in the future! I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you like this scent as I described and if you are interested in trying it for yourself.

Orphéon Eau de Parfum | Diptyque


“Very clean beginning, a ultrafresh out-of-the-shower kind of scent”

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