Hermes H24 Eau De Toilette | Ultimate daily office scent.

"Beautifully crisp office scent with out-of-shower soapy notes"

November 8, 2022
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15 year. It has been 15 years that Hermes has launched its Men's fragrance. When a brand like Hermes waited for that long it definitly means something. It is the first fragreance since Christine Nagel, formal Jo Malone's perfumer has been appointed to Hermes's new director of fragrance. So How does Hermes H24 smells like and how I imagine this person's style would be like? For little spoliler, It is truly great daily scent that I think there was a reason why it took 15 years to pick this level of perfection.


Top Note - Clary sage, Clary sage absolute

Middle Note - Narciso absolute

Base Note - Rose Wood essence, Sclarene

It would be a great daily office scent with out of shower soapy scent for recent grad mens as it is summery likeable scent. It has great performance as EDT. It does smell freesh and compliments the natural gentleman's smell with its gentle scent that isn't screaming. It is definitly a great fresh out of shower scent as if he took a shower with a luxury herbal shampoo and body wash and a bit of shaving cream well mixed. It is neutral with one of most pleasant opening and quite unique. It uses narciso as middle note which tends added to feminine fragrance. and added excusit and expensive rosewood essence that has sweetness to it. It all beautifully balances as top and base note has masculine notes which makes this perfume very creative. This cologne is like a modern classy guy who is well put together and maybe has a bit of cold personality which it is very sexy. He is in a well fitted shape without much muscle. He has soft and calm personality but isn't inviting nor overly charming. His fashion isn't too outthere, he looks great on simple white shirts or white polo, those ones without logo. I highly recommend this scent to any mens out there looking to add additional daily signature scent. Try it for yourself.

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Hermes H24 Eau De Toilette | Ultimate daily office scent.


"Beautifully crisp office scent with out-of-shower soapy notes"

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