Winter fragrances are one of the most important parts of the fragrance collection. The temperature is low in winter. At these low temperatures, many things happen. Maybe snowboarding, Christmas dinner, or just trying to stay warm. Different scents can be used in all situations, but they are not always necessary. I try to list each different winter scent. In this way, you can decide whether you should go with the superstar and the scent of multiple situations.

If you have problems you find your winter scent, this can help you make good choices.  

What should I look for when you finding winter fragrance?

The aroma is created to fulfill the purpose of acquiring a particular environment or situation. The purpose of  winter scenting is  good and warm scent. You should consider this when you choose your winter scent.

Winter scent should have a nice and warm and cozy feeling for it. Winter scents should be slightly strong and  more  than other aromas. The scent of winter must be really successful. Due to  the cold weather, the scent can be buried under several layers of clothing. When spraying on  clothes,  be careful of as it is effective.

The scent of winter should give off warmth. A sweet or spicy scent does this very well.  What role does the scent of  winter play? The winter scent should be  warm and pleasant. This warmth also comes from  sweet and spicy scents. Winter scents are usually much more abundant than other scents, mainly because they withstand low temperatures. There are far more sweet or spicy notes than any other note.

Make sure others are comfortable around you when you wear a wonderful winter scent. The best spicy winter scent

The top spring fragrances

01 - Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla

02 - Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme

03 - Creed Original Santal

04 - Dior Sauvage

05 - Versace Eros

06 - Emporio Armani Strong With You

07 - Valentino Uomo

08 - Creed Aventus

09 - Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Why they are perfect winter fragrance

All of these scents that works mysteriously in Winter, and each has different uses. Therefore, they are not ranked from highest to lowest. These list are simply really good winter scents.


Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla

This scent has the most amazing scents of tobacco and vanilla. This strong and attractive scent will last a  long time and will definitely attract people's attention.

 Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla's top notes are tobacco leaves and spices. Middle notes are tonka beans, tobacco flowers, vanilla and cacao. The base notes are the accord and forest of dried fruits.

Overall, this scent gives you  the most amazing and sweetest vanilla scent. This fragrance works perfectly with almost anyone at any time during the winter. In addition to the sweet scent, you can feel a little spiciness here and there.

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Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme

This is my personal favorite winter scent. This fragrance has the most amazing blend of  sweet and spicy scents. Combine it with great longevity and an overall attractive scent to get this gem.

 Spicebomb Extreme notes are lavender, cumin, peppercorn, vanilla and tobacco.

This scent has few notes, but it has a very interesting scent. The sweet and spicy atmosphere of vanilla and tobacco is mixed. Although not mentioned in the notebook, it also has a cinnamon-like scent. Overall, Spicebomb Extreme gives you  a great scent. Easy to wear and loved all over the world.
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Creed Original Santal

This fragrance is a perfect blend of woody  and  spicy scents. The scent of this scent is not overwhelming, but very perceptible. The warm, woody and spicy scent rarely bothers me. Instead, you will probably get a lot of compliments!

Creed Original Santal's top notes  are Orange Tree Absolute, Jamaican Ginger and Sicilian Lemon. Middle notes are lavender, peppermint, rosemary and pinkberries. Base notes are Mysore Sandalwood, Virginia Sandalwood, Vanilla, Benzoin, Amber and Tonkin Musk. This scent note creates an interesting scent. It's very fresh at first, but soon the floral notes give it a warm atmosphere. This will soon be accompanied by the  woody notes mentioned above. In addition to the warm wood notes, you'll also get some  nice hints of spices and sweet vanilla notes. This fragrance is a wonderful winter fragrance with an easy-to-wear fragrance.

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Dior Sauvage

This is one of the most popular fragrances in recent years. This is mainly due to the incredibly versatile and crowd-pleasing scent. It's safe to wear Dior Sauvage regardless of the season or occasion.

The notes that make up this amazing scent are bergamot, umbroxane, geranium, pepper, lavender, vetiver and patchouli.

 The fragrance itself is an interesting combination of both fresh and spicy floral aspects. Mostly, it has a fresh scent  like sharp and spicy edges. This versatile mass market fragrance is one of the few fragrances you can wear as a signature scent. very good.  

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Versace Eros

This fragrance is one of the most beautiful and sweet winter fragrances for young men. This scent is effective for everyone, but it has a more youthful and playful atmosphere. It's also a great scent to use when going to clubs.

The top notes of Versace Eros are mint, green apple and lemon. Middle notes are tonka beans, geraniums and ambroxane. Base notes are vanilla, vetiver, oakmoss and sugi.

These notes give you  a wonderful scent. The opening is a bit fresh thanks to the mint and lemon, but  later it feels sweet and warm  from the tonka beans, vanilla and sugi. This sweet scent is perfect for winter!

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Emporio Armani Strong With You

This fragrance is a very festive scent. With a strong and sweet scent, you will surely notice it. Fortunately, this sweet scent is a very nice scent. In addition to the wonderful scent, with this scent you also have a great performance.

Emporio Armani Strong With You's top notes  are cardamom, pink pepper and violet leaves. The sound in the middle  is sage. The base notes are vanilla and chestnut.  This scent begins with a spicy, floral scent. It has a pretty scent. After a while, it dries  to a sweet, nutty scent. The combination of vanilla and chestnuts is really amazing. It produces a very nice Christmas scent that works great in winter.  
You can check  Emporio Armani Strong with You  Amazon  here!

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Valentino Uomo

This fragrance has a classic and sweet scent. The overall performance of this sweet scent is very good. It lasts all day and people will notice the scent.
Valentino Uomo's top notes  are bergamot and myrtle. Middle notes are roasted coffee beans, chocolate and hazelnuts. The base notes are leather and cedar wood.
The notes  here are very unique. There are chocolates, coffee beans and hazelnuts. These give the aroma a unique, almost gourmet sweetness, especially hazelnuts. The scent itself is sweet, masculine,  versatile and ideal for almost all men.  
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Creed Aventus

This fragrance is just an all-star. It has  a wonderful and versatile scent that works on almost every occasion you can imagine. In addition to the fantastic scent, it also has great performance. This scent lasts a long time!

Creed Aventus top notes  are bergamot, apple, pineapple and blackcurrant. Middle notes are birch, rose, jasmine and patchouli. Base notes are vanilla, musk, oakmoss and amber.
What these notes offer you  is then a fresh opening that  dries  to a fantastic masculine scent. The drydown is woody with a musk scent, with a nice vanilla scent and a sweet atmosphere. Thanks to these woody and sweet notes, you can easily wear this scent in winter.

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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

This fragrance is a wonderful cold weather fragrance with a professional atmosphere. Like almost all Tom Ford fragrances, you can expect great performance and longevity.
 Tom Ford Tuscan leather notes are saffron, raspberry, thyme, olivernum, jasmine, black suede and amberwood.
Tom Ford Tuscan leather has a wonderful leather scent with playful sweet notes. It comes from raspberries that add another interesting layer to this scent. Great for casual wear, but also great for  formal meetings.
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"Winter scent should have a nice and warm and cozy feeling for it. Winter scents should be slightly strong and more than other aromas."

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